At MBO AUDIT & CONSULT, we have been providing business-consulting services for decades. We will help you to step out of the daily grind and refocus 'on' your business rather than using precious management time working 'in' it.


"Drawing upon our accumulated experience, we have assisted our clients in the transformation of planning, decision-making and control procedures resulting in improved commercial working methods and increased profitability. Whether you have an individual project or require regular and consistent input we can help you make a real difference"


The Core areas of our consultancy services include:


1.  Project Management and Cost Monitoring;


2.  Feasibility studies;


3.  Negotiation of loan on behalf of clients for viable projects.


4.  Review, Design and Implementation of accounting systems, stocks control, office   organization and methods.


5.      Preparation of private placement memorandum.


6.   Development of effective budgetary systems.


7.   Corporate and financial planning and capital reconstruction.


8.   Management / Financial Advisory Services.


9.   Sourcing of foreign business partners for clients.


10. Investigations into specific areas of a business.


11. Development of Management Information Systems


12. Development of Accounting Procedures Manuals for all aspects of business transactions.


13. Organizational study, job evacuation and other matters in Personnel Consultancy.


14. Staff selection, recruitment and secondment.


15. Manpower development and training programs for all categories of staff.


16. Market research.