At MBO AUDIT & CONSULT, we promote and market viable projects, inventions and products. This is in addition to sourcing foreign Investors/Technical Partners for local Nigerian Companies. These Technical Partners provide the much needed Technical expertise, which assists the Nigerian Companies and their businesses to grow.



We equally partner with some foreign companies in order to market some of their products and services. These foreign partners include:


("An invention to increase food/crop production")


The wonderful invention we are presently promoting and marketing in Nigeria and other African Countries is the ALBEDO MEMBRANE SYSTEM, invented by Torfinn Johnsen, a Norwegian Scientist of Albedo Technology International.


AMS is produced from organic materials (farm, animal, food or industrial waste).

It is in a powder form and is mixed with water before being applied to the soil.

This application is done once at planting time. The single application preserves water in the soil for a long period thereby obtaining improved green growth in the root environment during the plant's growing season.



Gaining thermal control at soil level

Reducing evatranspiration and thereby enable the soil to retain water for a long period

It could be used to vegetate and/or revegetate fertile soil as it is produced from organic materials

Ability to grow crops throughout the yearSaving cost of water (irrigation) by more than 50%

Having ability to increase or reduce soil temperature as may be required and also to grow many types of crops.

It could be used to stop and/or reduce erosion of productive land and desertification.



("CONVERGENCE- doing more with less")


We are also in partnership with KSS Technologies (Pty) Ltd- a network and system integrating firm in South Africa.


KSS Technologies (Pty) Ltd specializes in the design, implementation and support of converged networking solutions.



With KSS alignment to global technology leaders, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of business solutions spanning multiple communications platforms and enabling access to and dissemination of information whilst meeting the trend of “any device, any location at any time”.


In this age of converged networks, this information could take the form of voice, video, data and fax content. The solutions we offer include:


Sophisticated VoIP communication solutions; including IP telephony and conferencing, IP contact centers, voice Mail and unified messaging


IP video security, surveillance, training and conferencing applications.

WAN optimization

Remote Data storage

Wireless LAN and WAN platforms

Fixed or mobile for converged voice, video and data traffic

Integrated logical (firewall, intruder detection/prevention, authentication) and physical security solution (access control, visitor management and IPCCTV)

Server consolidation and clustering

Server based computing (citrix/termserve based) access platform

Short term contract IT staffing

Network designing, implementation and auditing

Data Connectivity solutions such as data and electrical reticulation (copper & fiber based)

Comprehensive care based on hardware and software support



Locally synthesized oleosorbent for oil-Spill Management


Oleosorbent is a long awaited invention for Oil-spill  and Waste Management. The locally synthesized oleosorbent is invented by Professor S.A. Abdulkareem, a lecturer at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.


There are many methods available globally for oil spill management, but the process or end product is either harmful or toxic to the habitat.


Oleosorbent is synthesized through directly converting polymer waste to useful end products of oleosorbent porous particles from indiscriminately disposed thin film of polyolefin, used for sachet water packaging in Nigeria and other African countries .


Its major benefits are:


1. Management of oil spillage


2.   Reducing the problem of waste management.